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  • What We Do

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    At TurnBlock, we specialise in recruitment for the emerging technologies sector that is poised for growth. We recruit for tomorrow’s technology landscape, staying on the cutting edge of new trends and matching prospective candidates with exciting new job opportunities for employers across multiple industries and based in multiple geographies.

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    Our mission is to connect growth-driven emerging technology organizations with the top developers, product/project managers and UX/UI designers worldwide, facilitating further advancements of this groundbreaking technology.

  • Roles we fill

    As technology grows and evolves, the demand for experienced, proficient and necessary technical talent continues to increase. Never seen but always making an impact, the right technical talent will shape the operation and functionality of the technology that drives your company.


    From mobile developers to CTO roles, we’ve got the people you need, right when you need them.

    Front-end Developers

    Front End (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, React)

    Back-end Developers

    Back End (PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, MySQL, Oracle, SQL & Node.js)

    Full-Stack Developers

    JAVA, PHP, C #, Python, Ruby & Node.JS

    Mobile Developers

    Objective-C, React native, Swift, Java, Python & Html 5 (IOS & ANDROID)

    Blockchain Developers

    Python, Solidity, C#, Java, Go & Ruby

    AI & Machine Learning

    Python, Prolog, JAVA, C++ & LISP

    UI / UX Designer

    UX / UI Designers & UX researchers

    Product Manager

    From Mid-Level to Senior Level candidates

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    Client Testimonial

    Turn Block Talent team has been a great help when it comes to building Bitpanda's Blockchain team. They have a fantastic understanding of the Blockchain market and have delivered well above expectations. We couldn't have done this without Them.


    Georgia Tooley - BitPanda

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    Client Testimonial

    "Finding full-stack Blockchain engineers is always a challenge. Turn Block Talent helped us find the right candidate in a week.¨

    - Christophe Popov, CTO


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    Client Testimonial

    " It has been an absolute pleasure working with TurnBlock. They are experts in their field who clearly understood our recruitment needs and sent us a list of highly qualified candidates to choose from. Brilliant communication, very on the ball and extremely professional during our collaboration. I appreciate their quick responses, efficiency and prompt follow-up to all my emails. We look forward to working with them again for future recruitment. "


    - Nicolette Ong, Project Manager

    Space Chain, London / Singapore


    We helped them expand the tech team from Singapore to London.


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    Client Testimonial

    " We actually had a few recruiters working on roles for us but Turnblock produced the best quality candidates that fit our requirements (and budget). Some other recruiters told me they're "all about quality so the volume may not be there", but somehow Sari & the team turned out both. The vast majority of the candidates we received (and chose to interview) were from the team, and as a result, our first two dedicated hires for our project came from Turnblock. Even though a continent and ocean separate us, I never felt like it took days to hear back from Sari on any queries. He was a great communicator and ensured we understood his process. Yes, I always knew what to expect. He was a true pleasure to work with and we'll certainly be back when we have a need to source specialized talent! "


    - Dina Louie, Marketing Manager Tripify Inc.

    Los Angeles, we filled 3 roles: UX Lead, Product Manager and Social Media Manager.

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